Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Well it's been a hec of a last 10 days for me..ugh. It's starting to slow down.. I feel as though I have had no SLEEP.. I'd happily buy some.. Anyways.. I am super excited for National Scrapbook day.. Wow what a deal.. It starts Friday at a country club from 10:oo a.m till 2;00a.m
We get Lunch and dinner snack and drinks and prizes , prizes.. They aren't cheezy wheezy ones either. Last year some one won a QK handle , Dies, and other fun packaged stuff.. Whoo hoo I didn't make it but hey.. I just want the die for the QK.. I love QK.. Then saturday it goes from 8:00 a.m to Midnite.. with Continental breakfast , lunch and dinner drinks snacks prizes, raffles whoo hoo... then we get to go back Sunday 9:00 a.m to 3:0o pm.. We get a 10% discount at the LSS All this for $80.00 I might be forgetting something.? The prizes alone they give are worth that.. There will be 50 people there so we only have to share one table with two people which is good. I am so so excited hoping to get a lot done.. I have started to go thru pictures at odd times either in wee early a.m hours or laaaaaaaate nite to see what I might want to scrap and then pull paper now to match the bazzill I will take all my embelissh and ribbon and just buy everything else when we make our daily trip to the LSS I can't wait to get something done... I will probably take more tahn I can get done but you can always hope that's for sure.. I want to do a picture of our Furb... So I have to get that together.. Poor little guy.. We really miss him.. After the cruise hubby wants another one.. I don't.. that was heart wrenching... Well that's my story for now.. Hope to blog soon.. Then to work on my online stuff that I am gonna start that up again.. I did this about 5 years ago and it's time to have more fun It started to become work and take over the fun.. So this time hopefully things will be different..


delfina said...

Good luck on winning on something. It sounds like a really fun weekend.

Sorry on the message you left on my bog, I'm not in a DT. I just copied to kt cuz I wanted to share it. But it was on KnK the other forum I'm on. The one I gave you the address to. I fixed it in kt.

On getting married is another question. We havent set a date yet. He propsed 4years ago. How bad are we. Hehe

Amie said...

Good to hear from you liz. Your crop weekend sounds AWESOME! All for $80! Wow! I hope you're going to come visit AZ again some time...did you get anything done over Easter? Take care!