Sunday, April 01, 2007


Wow I posted three days in a row to the blog.. yowzers... can you say Awesome.. Totally Autumn leaves..Little davis Basic Grey cutting matt yeah baby... Ribbon.. and so much more. Only got one of the primas but I will find the others.. .Well my hubby took over my nice purse camera.. He uses it for work so I can hardly take that away from him and I am not gonna carry the honkin D-50 around with me.. So he told me to replace it so I got an inexpensive Nikon L-10 so i am testing it today that's why I took pictures of some of the stuff... I got a pedicure after going to Ritz Camera it was next door I ordered a Camera back pack in black.. they will see if they can get it and an extra battery and 1gb for Alaska card and got the little camera so i can take simple photos and have it in my purse... It was not to much money and small and easy to fit in the purse.. I do miss the Sony this is the second cyber shot we've had.. But hubby also told me to go do a little Scrapbook shopping.. I have to more bags that I am not posting.. I am totally excited. Also all signed up and finalized National Scrapbook weekend it's gonna be so much flippin fun... I started some cards.. and didn't do any work.. cleaned a little and laundry.. I have so many thing to do projects etc.. At anyrate..that 's what I am gonna work on three hours in scrap and work for hubby.. He was such a sweetie yesterday... I ordered the new lasting impression templates .. I should get those Tuesday? I would imagine.? a good day in the mail and some paper for them.. What a good day..
I FOUND THIS QUOTE and I really liked it.. It kinda reminded me of the movie MEAN GIRLS.
I am gonna do a nice layout with it of me and hubby.. but the other one.huh could gather the information for it.. Besides why would I want to keep that part in a book the mean part. So I will make a layout of hubby and I.. When I first seen it reminded me of the Mean. but I put thought into and can use it for the good.
I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.- Maya Angelou


April Hall said...

WOW! You made out good! Glad you had a good time!!!!!

Melissa said...

I want to come play at your house! Looks like a fun haul!

April Hall said...

I'm thinking you'll get them today or tomorrow. They sat in my mailbox an extra day on accident, the mail lady didn't pick it up when I put it in. I would say that if you don't get them by Wednesday's mail let me know. thanks.