Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wow what a week it has been Busy.. Fulfilling

This week has gone by so fast.. I am ahead of my list for a change not done but ahead.. I am not ready for NSD but it will just come it's suppose to be fun not stressful so that's the way it will be. I'm so excited my friend MANDY MILLER has a new business called SECRET SCRAPPER and she has put a new Forum so go check it Secret Scrapper Forum come and join the fun We are celebrating National Scrapbook Day all month so those of you who can come in and peak over the weekend join the challenges and fun as well as all month long your points accumalate Don't miss out on some great prizes and fun Raks prizes and loads of fun. . Anyone is welcome Crafters ,Scrapper, Chatters, Card Makers, Non Crafters . So hook it up to your blogs ladies. You can just come and chat it up .. Let's have some fun. Meet new friends some of my best friends I met when I started this fulfilling Hobby.. maybe set this on your page to Lurk but I guarantee you'll want to come and play. I have a lot of Cyber Scrapper friends to it's been fun Let's have some fun Girls.

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