Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hubby's Home

Who caught a five pound fish..Of course he didn't take a camera.. HE love it..but was happy to get home and I was happy to have him Home.. He loves to fish..He was gone for four days. He will go again in October..They fish starting like 5:30 a.m. then they eat.. and don't get home till about6:30 eat and sleep He won for the biggest fish but ahhhh we have no proof.. Oh well
Count ddown to Alaska is on it's way.


April Hall said...

Sounds like he had a great time! As for the CS I use, I either use Stampin Up CS because it's a nice, heavy weight, or Bazzill, or the unexpensive kind from Joann's and Michael's, that comes in the packs.

Amie said...

How fun for Skip!! So cool. My hubby went fishing this week too. Great card, by the way. I'm glad you're posting more stuff! =)