Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Casey Lu tagged me.
With this one I have to tell 6 things about myself......unusual things.

1.) I cannot eat wet bread Nope no french dips Pastrami has to be grilled no dipping not even cookies. (I guess it's a texture thing.)

2.) My wash has to has to have softner in it and a dryer sheet.

3.) I have to have face make up on everyday even If I 'm sick. I put it on and blush. but those are a must.

4.) I brush my teeth in the shower in the am(hubby hates this) so I have two toothbrushes

5.) I love Onions and Garlic I do not cook anything hot without them.

6.) I will not eat dip from a party if I'm not the first one to get some cause I hate the double dippers.. If I don't see it when it first comes out I don't eat it.

1 comment:

Casey Lu said...

Thanks for playing! Double dipping is SO nasty! I feel ya!