Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mother's Day

My daughter came out for Mother's Day and we did not even take a picture.. Not sure what happened with that.. I always take pictures on these occasions. I guess just so much and so little time. We had a great weekend just wasn't long enough that's for sure. Sunday we were all not feeling to good so we just had some family time with T.v. and relaxing which we do not get a down day to often and it really felt good.. NO work yay... I haven't been feeling real good the last couple days.. DD got real sick when she got home and couldn't go to work on Monday so not sure it was the flu going around or what. I can't believe it's already Wednesday let alone the middle of May that's for sure. Hope everyone had a great Mother's day.

On another note Click here to go see the cards for the Papercraft Idol contest.. All I can say is that these TEN ladies deserve all to be winners they have amazing talent and the cards are all beautiful. They put alot of work into these. The next round they will elimate FIVE contestants out of the TEN I wish them all luck but in my opinion they are all winners.. GOOD LUCK LADIES. (like they look at my blog hahaha)
So voting is up on the 17th.. I'll see how close I come for fun of who will go to the next round.

Can't wait to see and the next round of cards they are totally amazing

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Jan Scholl said...

Thank you LIzzie for telling me I won at Secret Scrappers. I am too frazzled from watching the
basketball games to pay attention tonight. Hope you are feeling better.
Crazy weather here in Michigan because it cant decide whether to be.