Thursday, April 23, 2009

Clutter to DeClutter a few way to help

Well recently doing a lot of reading and researching on the subject Clutter... Here is a just a few things that have really helped me a lot.

1) Many of us collect Magazines and have oddles of them. Get some page protectors you don't need to save the whole Magazine tear the pages that you just can't give up and put them in a binder. Hobbies, recipes , articles,?
With the rest of the magazine you can offer your lot on freecycle for others to take advantage of or donate them to hospitals , organizations always are looking for donations this way it doesn't go in the trash. Or you can put them in a recycle bin

2.) Drawers Give yourself an assignment take a time frame and take one drawer at a time take the whole drawer out put the stuff that doesn't fit or you will never wear again in a bag keep the bag by the dresser till you are completely done with it.. Fold and organize everything and you will have more room.
There are many places that leave donation bags at your front door for free pick up and there is alway Good Will and Shelters that need clothings and these things Donate instead of throwing it away.

3.) Closet give yourself some time even if your getting ready in the morning and you pass over something you know your not gonna wear it..Keep a trash bag by the closet start taking 5-10 minutes going thru it you will be amazed in just a weeks time what you get rid of and the extra room you have.

4.) Paperwork you can do this while watching t.v. Get a box or bag and start putting the papers in there that you don't need then either take it to a ups store to shred or if you have a shredder then go ahead and shredd them as you pass by the shredder then you dont' jsut have to sit there for hours.

5.) Mail. Find a location one location and when you come back fromt he mail box put your mail there sort thru junk and throw out the rest of it Everyone has a system but if you keep it in one place nothing gets forgotten.

6.) Kitchen Go thru cabinets and keep a box or trash bag in there If you are missing lids and such get rid of the stuff you haven't used in a year i.e bowls , glasses, accessories... A lot of families downsize once the children have left how many bowls and plates does only two people need. Again Shelters is a great place so that some of these people can get back on their feet.

7.) Your trash is always someone elses treasure.. Don't keep broken items if you haven't fixed them in six months most likely your not gonna use it or fix it get rid of it its' taking up space.

8.) Less clutter makes you feel good when you don't have stuff stacked up etc. Shoes got thru because you don't wear them you should keep them.. I know my self I have shoes so cute but they give me blisters and hard to walk in so why do I want these I dont' anymore just last week I did this phase.. of shoes they are cute and in great shape but if your feet are miserable and such why are you keeping them when they aren't worn.. Again Donate them to goodwill and or a shelter etc.

9.) If your a reader.. Trade books with friends this saves money to and or donate them to a library or take them to stores that you leave a book and take a book they have a lot of stores like this in various places of the world. Once you've read for casual reading chances are you are not gonna read it again. Recipes and self help and diet well those are reference books and keep those to go back for future reference it's the easy reading that you don't usually read more than once.

10.) Pantry go thru if you have a can goods maybe know you are allergic or just don't care for it etc. Then go thru in May the post office usually has a drive to help the less fortunate with dry foods and cans go thru the stuff in your pantry and get it ready to donate when the post office has their pick up day or there is many places that have food drives, churches that give to families that are less fortunate there is many things you can do with this. Then organize your pantry so that you know what you have and put the oldest in front and the newest to the back.

11.) Time many of us say we don't have time to do this It's what you make yourself the time to do many don't like to clean and or do this deeper type of declutter and that was the number one answer don't have time.. You can block out 10 minutes in a day or a week even depending how you feel about clutter. You can do these things as you are getting ready for something you can do this during a commercial if your watching t.v. whent he commercial comes on then go thru that drawer during the commercials or go thru the magazines, or anything you want to.

12.) The garage as well Many of us use them for storage but really when you haven't used the item in many years why are we storing them especially if it's a broken item DONATE IT ..

13.) Some of us may never move and some of us may move this helps so much when it does come time to move you've got a lot less to do come move day.

14.) If you are looking for items Free Cycle is a great place to see if you are also looking to get rid of any item this is a great place to get rid of it.

15.) Hobbies there is so many different hobbies have a place section corner, room ,space, whatever it may be. When you bring something home make sure it' has a place or create the place for the new item It's much easier that when you come home and do this rather than sticking it in a drawer and forgetting about it and or keeping all the bags for it....

Well anyways there is plenty more and I have to say that a lot of these methods work.. I know that I have a dresser that when I was done I had two completely empty drawers .. My shredding is being done and so many other things.. I'm really feeling good about the magazines, books and other items I've been glad to donate as well I am happy to help others.


TraceyT said...

INteresting you should post this today. I'm in the midst of decluttering my house!!

Natalie said...

Ugh. We're in major declutter mode around here. It's so overwhelming and depressing. I'm glad you posted these tips! They'll help.

Zarah said...

Those are great ideas!! Will definitely use them - TFS! :D

Amie said...

good for you!