Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fool's Day and Happy April

Well I won't be on any type of internet today at all that virus is pretty scarry but I hope it's just a hoax and that nothing happen to anyone.
Another month already April showers bring May Flowers which will be here before I can even imagine.
Actually I won't on to much internet at all.. We are down to one computer with internet access and I am getting some organizing and things done... I have some pictures to weed thru I'm lugging them around and some dont' make sense they are not clear or anything so why do I have them. So I will be sitting trying to do that every little bit of time and throwing the ones out that not focus or make sense etc.. I probably have 1000 photos that are no good but you hate to throw them out.. The ones that are just old and faded I' will keep it's all I have from the 110 days and the disc and so on this is just pictures that maybe I'm thinking that won't be scrapped or like I said there is just a black shot of nothing or so blurry what ya gonna use it for.?
Anyways... like I said I posted till the end of the year I will come on live here and there but for now
I'm needing to focus on just me , DH and work it's all I should be focusing on.. So the internet consumes a lot of my time it's addiction like my scrapbooking...was...
I've been really good Ice tea is not daily anymore at all it's occasion and a treat. Coffee I'm 10 days now with no coffee it will be a treat I'm making a lot of changes in my life I want to finish concentrating on my weight as well. As I said DH has lost 60lbs and still on his way down. I am working on it with him...
I'm trying also take 20 minutes a day to get something done in the house a drawer , a piece of the closet, paperwork , something I think this will help a lot to.. It's amazing when you look and say why am I keeping this etc.
So for now especially with the prank virus Im not willing to take that chance to be on the internet and get wiped out dont' need that stress so and today I have month end quarter and so many things going on its' riduculous.

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