Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Taxes are due today you all

Well if you haven't done those taxes get them done filed and in the mail today is your last day
Waaaaaaaaaaaa it seems like it comes and goes so so fast. Why why why do we have to pay these things.. ugh!!!
I scheduled this post way back in March lol.I have the rest of the year each month at least a few posts all the way thru December so hopefully I have them spread out enough .Hopefully I didn't forget birthdays or anything. I'm so glad for future postings. I did not know for the longest time how to do it but it's very convient especially in November when they do NOPLABMO it's a post a day for the whole month but that's later down the line. So it's been fun doing it. Hopefully my health is restored and I can be posting live
I'm hoping that I went to the post office before today cause it's gonna be a long long line if not.. I'm really gonna try to have done it. I promised I wouldn't wait till the very last day .As I have had my hands quite full the last month or so and so I didn't want to leave my blog not posted to ..

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