Thursday, April 02, 2009

Taking it day by day

Life for me is day by day right now.. I haven't been able really to talk on the phone and etc I am overwhelmed and have lots to figure out and such.In March decided to pack up my scrap stuff it's one thing that thouroughly gives me joy in the world and therapy but at the same time I am overwhelmed with life and don't have the time patience or mojo to get it done. So unless I have some miracle happening to me by the time I posted this in March and now won't be seeing to much scrap pictures from me at all.. I do have a lot of scheduled posting for the rest of the year.. You just never know what tomorrow brings so at least till the end of the year I have hi-lighted a few things.I wish I could have had a open garage sale with some of it lol.. but oh well that is not the way it is.. Hopefully I can someday soon get back to what I love doing.. Although I have way to much paper I hope that somehow I will still be able to use it.. Omg do I have paper.. sinful sinful ... I'm trying to be optimistic about the whole outcome of it all but right now that's very hard..I want to thank you for calls and such If I haven't gotten back to you it's just very hard right now for me to do many things as simple as a phone call.. Anyways... won't be much scrappiness going on for a bit... I wish I was closer to all you scrappy girls so you can come and get the paper I know you would put it to good use hopefully it will keep good in storing it. ?Well anyways I hope all finds you well and that you keep me and my family in all your Prayers.


Anonymous said...

Good luck hopefully you can sell some of it.
Keep up the Prayers I know that sometimes people think they all have to be answered it's not always immediately keep your faith
I hope that things will get better for you. It's funny how sometimes life just takes you on a turn

Delfina said...

I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayer. Hope everything gets better for u.