Friday, April 03, 2009

Moving Again omg this poor kid ......

April is here and it's flying by

My poor daughter had to move once again but I'm hoping this is for a while it seems she got a great deal on a cute little house by work not more than five minutes how about that one that's great. So she will at least save on gas which is a big killer for her. She is looking to pick up something part-time in the summer to help get her back on her feet as well. She will have a roommate so that's great the people are even putting in a refrigerator for them I was so relieved. I know she has bedroom stuff but it's gonna take time for the rest of it her roommate has items to so I'm sure that at least there is a roof over her head that's all she cares about right now she is happy about that.
There isn't a lot that goes on in April beside the big kick in the gut of our taxes being due.. Ugh. I have a lot of Spring cleaning to do I am gonna yes get rid of more stuff meaning paperwork, dust collectors , old clothes, shoes(why if they give me blisters am I saving them cause they are cute) magazines, I mean it was not to long ago we moved and so basically I need to gut that type of stuff our closet was completely packed head to toe so I'm hoping that it won't be I'm gonna go thru some pictures to throw out ones that are no good, clear that type of stuff so no more lugging that stuff around. Two people only need so many bowls, plates etc.. I have this salad cutter thing that we bought at a fair so many years ago because they made it so beleiveable how easy it was to use only to find out that it was not and then the clean up.. It's pretty sharp etc.. so out that goes to I seen it taking up room in the cabinet the other day. I want to lighten the load As we are in very small quarters which is fine but I really would just like to have what we use and need. I've learned a lot thru the years of having to much it finally has come to a head.
anything that doesn't fit is going to unless it's a small size then yes I will keep it cause I'm on a downward spiral for a change for weight so I will need smaller clothes yes indeed I will The bigger ones well I won't need those because I'm not gonna grow back into them.

Well hopefully you will get the spring bug to get some of your unwanted things out I'm finding this method of 20 minutes is making a difference it doesn't seem like it but after a week I've noticed a huge difference. I read that if you just see one thing take it out with you to the trash on the way to work and that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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Anonymous said...

20 mins... is that all it takes to Spring Clean... oh how I wish this were true in my house!!! Sometimes it takes 20 minutes to find the floor in the kids' rooms. LOL... i am right there with you..need to SPRING CLEAN too.

~~Jenn Reeve