Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Last Day of the Month

Well today we celebrate Jenny's birthday oh how I miss that wise O' gal she always had a way to bring us good luck and help us thru the bad. Today is her birthday we celebrate all the greatness of knowing her and having her been part of my life at least. Today is a sad day for Sonia as she so misses her mom every day she aches for her i wish I could make it all better for her but there is no cure for it.. I still see her from time to time I think it's just the ray of hope and sunshine one needs.
Today is also Tammy's Birthday she's another year old today and yes she is still younger than me by a month and 7 days but oh what the hec huh. Have a great day.

Today I send Cyber hugs to my Dearest friend Sonia who each and every day misses her mom but puts a smile on her face when she still deeply misses her .. It took her quit a while to function after this happened. She did everything for her mom while she was sick It all pays forward they say I'm hoping for many healthy happy years for her and her family. Her mother was her best friend it's always tough to lose your Mom/Best friend her mom was amazing and always put her kids first and foremost well the apple doesn't fall far from the tree because Sonia does this for her children they are the most important aspect of her life. I am grateful to know both these fine ladies.

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Happy Birthday Everyone