Sunday, March 01, 2009

March 1st already & a giveaway

If you click here she is having a contest to win a homemade journal so those of you who want a chance to win all you have to do is visit the blog (you could mention I sent you and that I was referred by soccerboyzmom)Who someday will let Natalie help her with a blog? lol All she wants to know is your favorite colors , beautiful or cute and what five people will respond.
I tagging Manders, Debbie, Kristi, Amie, Teresa + anyone who reads my blog to go leave a comment let her know that you were recommended good luck to all who enter

Here is a Silly group photo of Everyone at Sedona including the cook and one of the gals running the retreat

Here is all the things each person received at the treat Some really fun things
Here is Amanda doing what she did most of the retreat and still didn't get enough

We are at Applebee's having lunch before Sedona after hitting Hobby Lobby

Each person for their birthday got this tray of Cupcakes cute bear with an organdy bag of Ribbon
More to come

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Pinky said...

Oh man I wanna come eat cupcakes with you!!!!