Monday, March 09, 2009

Last Photos of Keno and Reno

This is Keno while we are packing all them items
This is him while we were almost to Buckeye they are such good travelers

Reno insisted on being on my lap and sleeping he has been so clingy the last 4 days before we gave them away

Here is their stuff packed up and not to mention they had two more bags in the car with toys and things He had no clue but he was going away for good just breaks my heart his picture.

Last of my photo's but not memories The lady emailed me today to let me know how she loves the dogs and all the stuff she is doing so it's like they didn't even miss home. I thought they would be mopey but I guess they can weather any storm together those two that was my biggest fear is for them not to be seperated It was really important to me that they at least stay together it was already gonna be a broken heart. I know that they won't forget us I miss them more than they miss us.. Here is a couple cute pics of them so now it's so long farewell at least hearing from the lady that they were making her happy and that she can see why they need to be together was great news!.

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