Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March 18 Wed Hump Day

Well I have quite a few of my posts scheduled for a while. Every so often hopefully I'll have time to do something or pictures to edit and add.. It's always that much more fun to see the pics. In the meantime.. I'm still here just have a heavy load I'm working thru it day by day thanks for all the loyal support and emails and calls.

Saturday was just the most awesome so so much was done.. Sonia was almost just about a life saver omg I didn't want her to go home we didn't get it all done but we did acompolish a lot and I feel quite sane due to this. She and I worked together for 18 years and that's how we meet you would not have know that at all you'd think we had been friends from grade school. We have been thru so much and back She doesn't like to drive to far so her coming was the greatest thing I owe her Bingo game with me we use to play Bingo all the time it was so so much fun..There was a time we were afraid to leave the Bingo hall because we had won four times we use to split if we won and people were whispering and not all that happy the wealth was not being spread around boy do I miss stuff like that but someday.. I did find a bingo place close to the house pretty inexpensive but it's not the same to go by yourself.. Now that yet I move waaaaaaaaay over here it's harder to do anything with anyone.. I use to be a driver and travel it didn't matter where.. Hec I remember back in the day I practically use to stay at her house each weekend when I first had Amanda ah those where the days

I am optismistic that no matter what happens it can only go uphill from there. I just need to keep the faith continue to pray.

I know that when the time is right Marion or Jenny will strike I just know it. I hope sooner than later.


Delfina said...

I'm glad you got a lot accomplished. Things will get better for you. Keep the faith up. Hope all is well with you and Skip. Have a great day.

In the blink of an eye said...

Thats great to get alot more done, little by little it will get there. I am working on my filing stuff to0!