Friday, March 27, 2009

Scrappy Mojo

My Scrappy Mojo is not around I wish it were I have so so much I want to do which is leading me to want to pack up my scrap stuff and put it away so that I won't be looking at it yearning to do it but can't. It will be a lot of work to put it away and to pull it out that's the thing Maybe I should just fill up a tote and keep that in the house but then there is that oh I wish I had this or that. Then I'm thinking I need to sell a few things use what I have oh so many decisions just thinking out loud right now. I'm afraid to sell some of it cause there was a reason I bought it in the first place you know. Anyways thats the dilema of the day.
I am most grateful for friends coming all the way frm Arizona to come and get it for me see what they can get rid of and store for me. I have no idea how to repay for it.. I just know that I will pay it forward someday. I know I have in the past but right now I can barely help myself in life at this very moment. I appreciate them giving me hope & I'm hanging on because of it.
Thanks girls did I ever say that Scrappy friends make the best of friends.. It hink I have in the past well they do..

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Anonymous said...

Someday it will all come back it's just material things.. You can create at anytime it's best to step back if you need to it sounds like some wonderful friends that you have coming to your aid and sounds like you are in a lot of pain. I hope that subsides