Saturday, March 28, 2009

Scrap is on it's way to Az.

Well 80% of my scrappy stuff is on it's way to Az.. I will keep you posted as most of it is for sale and I know all the scrappy girls can't resist a bargain I know for me it's that way to. There is plenty of things and some great kits that are being made so more details soon...
There will be everything you can imagine in a Scrapstore.. but at a discounted rate.
But not all of it cause I'm still gonna scrap the stories that I need to provide my family with but this will help keep it in better control... for the future

I could not have done it without two great Scrappy Friends Jenn and Del they dropped everything and came to the rescue to help There is absoutely no words to express the gratitude for the help they have provided me so that I could focus on the other aspects of work and such that I need to be doing.

Teresa will be helping them sort and put together and cordinate and storing some of the things for me she is the queen of space... organizing and to jump in and help

All I can say is a big THANKS to the 3 of you

I just am speechless right now with no words if most of you know me I always have something to say right now I am just full of prayers it's all that 's on my mind day and nite I will pay it forward at sometime as I have in the past.

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