Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Live

A real live post on a Sunday here. Working today but that's ok... I am having a good day today Last 48 hours has been weird for me I can't explain it all I know is that I'm glad today I feel a lot better than I have been.
I read last nite which I haven't been able to sit and read for a long time. So I'm hoping to read a coupe pages a day or a few times a week I am challening myself as well to do a cleaning project 20 minutes a day for a bit at least 5 days small projects so that something is complete.
We need to do so much spring cleaning boy I want to clear hubby's clothes after losing about 60 lbs his clothes are hanging on him. Congrats to him I am so proud of him.. I'm stuck at 30lbs but I will get past it.. I've got some good moral support and learned maybe a couple new tricks over the weekend. So that is what I'll be doing for the month of April it's gonna be declutter & I will bag it for Goodwill what I need to rid .. Having sometimes less around makes you feel good So I will see if I can get things where there isn't to much there.. I think in the long run it's gonna make a huge difference in my life.
I have a dilema with a cookbook that before my MIL passed she gave to me it's one that she got back in 1944 so it's a antique. I feel that it should be airloomed on hubby's side of the family to one of the paternal granddaughters She gave it to me because I was always cooking & spent her last six months of her life with her taking care of her everyweekend but two of those weekends during her battle with cancer. She says well probably no one would be interested in it so I could go ahead and have it, but after her death there was a couple questions about the cookbook I explained that it's was about six months before she past and it was in storage for the time being we were in transit at the time. I know there was dissapointment I don't want a daughter in law to have it. (She only had three sons no daughters) I think a granddaughter but again only if it will be cherised and respested as an airloom.. This is real tough deceision and making the decision of who would be right for it is another one.? Geez. She also gave me a book with her 50th wedding pictures which I am gonna give to one of my nieces who is interested in her heritage I think it's the right thing to do with those.. We have pictures from the event and this book was made by another family member so I think with that I shall give it still has many of the cards etc.. so I will do that.
Will see I will sit and stew a bit on it.
Happy Sunday it's the last of the month I can't beleive April is around the corner here..

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with the family dilema. I guess it would be probably who will keep it going from generation to generation it's so hard to pick but good luck with your choice it's not easy one that's for sure.