Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Monday

Well it's the last Monday in March...
Today is Bob 's Birthday and tomorrow is the last day of the month.
It's the end of the quarter and so much is so uncertain still
I am so done with the unknown.
Keno and Reno have settled well in their new home, but lately I have been missing them again and so has DH maybe that's why I've been thinking of them a lot cause he's been talking a lot about them these days. If it's possible they are more spoiled than when we had them. The new owner is just a gem.. A real blessing.
Amanda on the move again hopefully she'll be put for a while this place is real close to her work so I think that 's a great thing. She 's almost done with this semester of school I'm sure she's glad I think she's taking the summer off as well. She loves summer vacation.
Happy Monday one and all.

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