Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Wednesday March 4th

Here is a lunch photo they always plated up our food nicely for us in Sedona
Here are some layouts and random photo

Breakfast in the a.m. Peach French Toast

I love scheduled blogging especially with my crazy schedule as it is I can't beleive how time is flying. Dh is doing better he's not as tired but he's still not feeling good but I'll tell you what he gets up everyday as if nothing is wrong and trys to fight it all off.
I have to take better picture of my layouts than what I have on camera they didn't come out well one was laziness in page protectors and the other in a hurry when they werent' I can't crop them right without them being slanted or cutting off something.. So soon soon I have to do a few things will be busy thru the weekend Just hoping for things to change soon for the better
Happy Wednesday all.

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