Saturday, March 07, 2009

Brothers settling in New Home

Well today the boys are in their new home.. We had them summer cuts done Thursday so they would be all pretty and easy to adapt to the new weather. Sure gonna miss the little guys before we took them they just would not leave my side just wanted to sit on my lap we didn't take them to with us for two days so they could be use to being home by themselves They are so so spoiled
Keno does not like photo's but here he is sitting by his Dad with his jacket was a little nippy at nite
Reno got a scarf but DH got there in time to save Keno but he wanted it off Keno just loves his brother

Reno a little fuzzy but was really cute jumping at the camera

Keno with the would you get that camera out of my face but he's so cute his eyes look big Little bug is really gonna be hard looking at all the photos' but they are all good happy memories and who knows maybe someday they will come back ?

Reno has no problem with the photos when I call him but Keno always avoids the flash It's gonna be an adjustment as a lot of things have been lately but there is some reason for the changes that are made I don't know what they are at this time but all I can say is that I hope it's good change sometimes one door closes and another opens I don't know why the door has to close with these cute guys but will see. They are going to a great home I was so worried about it I think they will be home sick for a couple weeks but they will adjust to the new spoiling I know that if we went back in three months those dogs would remember us. I don't want to hear anything bad so it's best probably not to know what's going on with them I would be saddened if I knew that Keno slipped under a fence and didn't come home or anything. Keno is the adventous one loves to wonder chase and go go go that little one Reno is the lazy boy loves to rest and relax. They both have such different personalities the one thing is that I know Keno needs his brother we have seperated them before and Keno is so miserable Reno was even happy to see him.. Reno loves to go under the bed and hide from him and Keno will bark at the end of the bed till he comes out. So many fun things they do but you have to be there to appreciate them or understand I guess We all love the things our Pets do. I am just very thankful they will be well taken care of. I just wish there was a way we didn't have to do this I know it's a lot harder on me than it is on them.

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