Friday, March 06, 2009

It's Friday & we are off and running

This guy feeling good finally He loves these little guys below. I think it's gonna be hard for him for about two weeks emotionally I just hope not to much His heart can only take so much.
Little Keno

My boy Reno

Sweet Keno after a hair cut on his fav blanket made by his sister

AFter a bath they run around and around like a couple nuts it's comical to watch

No more pictures Mom please

Well if you are reading this we are on the road taking Keno and Reno to their new home. Boo Hoo

DH have some Dr appts today but for lab work ups so then we are off to give up the dogs Yes it was a hard decision a lot of crying and lots of sadness I feel but the guys are going to a home where they love Shih Tzu 's and will be well taken care of it's almost as if they know what's going on because they have just been so lovable more so the last week. My husband cannot do the walking uphill He's suppose to walk but not uphill the dogs take about 2-3 hours a day of time he doesn't always feel well these days We had decided this back in January and here we still are with them because it was just something he thought well maybe so here we went thru Feb one day he was hanging on the fence cause he felt like passing out not a good thing I put my foot down and says this needs to be done he was suppose to have them gone when I came home from Sedona but I know he was seeing if he'd feel better but he doesn't So it's best to give them to someone they have a bedroom of their own already which I told the lady doesn't matter cause they always want to be in the room you are in. She is very excited she had been asking Amanda since she had to give up Jax if your parent's want to sell their dogs .We are not taking money for them, not selling them all we ask is that they provide a good home which they do. I obtained all their records and they are getting a grooming on Wednesday they will be in a home. /

We did have a couple people they wanted them but one was a seperation Reno could handle it but not his brother Keno loves his brother when we take one and not the other they can't wait to see the other one they have not been seperated since birth and they are gonna be 15 months old on Friday. Good thing they travel well I have packed their things so off they will go I will think of them often and I don't have a ton ton of pictures of them I will take some before they go I will miss them horribly but right now my focus on Dh getting better whatever it takes. He tried to put up a front but he finally has caved and says that he can't take care of them the way they need to be now if we had a yard that would be one thing but we only have a one bedroom place that is small and it's hard to keep them locked up there all the time. We are lucky they come with us during the day as it is. We spend a ton of time with them so the first two weeks I probably will be a wreck. I want what's best for them someone to give them the love , life they deserve. We treat them as if they are our kids they are totally spoiled we get made fun of a lot but it's ok.. Like putting their sweaters in microwave to warm up when it's cold and putting their blanket they layon in the dryer when it's cold small things but we love our pets So we are off to drop them off in their home say goodbye it's gonna be a rough weekend. Plus I have a lot lot on my plate right now it's more than I can handle I have created a list and priortized it so I will knock it off one by one.. To be normal again someday I can only hope.


GenineD said...

Oh Liz,
I haven't looked at your blog in months and wow... I couldn't see what happened to your husband? I just hope this is something temporary? Well us scrappers are women who support other women.. I know I don't see you much but just know is I can help in any way just LMK.. I can't believe that you had to give up your babies, I can only imagine.. God Bless, Genine (Tall girl from scrappin in the hills)

Amie said...

Oh liz I'm so sorry!