Tuesday, November 11, 2008

DAY 11 Things are calming down Thank U Friends

I love the scheduled blogging thingie new trick for old dog..here.. I haven't had much time.
But want to take take to Thank all of my friends
I have to say I am overwhelmed with the outreach of unexpected help I received. My best friends came to help unexpectedly which was so nice but tears of joy to have them there.
I would still be moving and cleaning if it wasn't for them ...
I don't get to see her to often but it's good to know she is always there..
Teresa drove from Az... to come and let me tell you.. Anyone needing help moving in a organized
quick manner she is the girl..She doesn't sit and made me feel guilty for sitting.. I can't thank her enough for the help she has provide. She is just the bestest of friends you can have ... I seriously would not even be close to being done if it had not been for her.. I owe her big time.
Thanks for all the emails and prayers I have received hope to be on line soon.. regularly normal but I have a busy, busy schedule and will be working a lot so but I do need to find some time for me to do some pages etc.
Another B.F.F.Debbie and the supervisor appeared and directed the scrappy direction so that will be a work in progress of course that's the last to be set up..but for right now i'm just grateful we don't have to drive that drive and that things turn around for us.
It 's been a bit colder here.. Well i should be back live not setting post up.. I think i have them set up thru the 12th.. but will be back after that.

WITH ALL THE RAMBLING TO.. Happy Verterans Day to my Hubby
I want to thank him and all of the Veterans that have given us our Freedom!
All Veterans should have today off from work! (but alas not him ) and of course he doesn't even complain
He was in the Viet nam War ”.
I don't think they get enough recongnition for what they have done for us They should not have to struggle in life as they have defended all of us putting their life on the line for their country and all of us.
I am very proud of my husband for serving the country there is nothing that can ever repay him for his services

I love you Skipper thanks for being my husband.

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Delfina said...

See, God has a way of helping out. Glad this are working out. Hugs :)