Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day 16 Debbie's Day

Debbie suppose to come and bring the supervisor to finish up some more yup scrap stuff.. I have no idea where it's gonna go but I am bring a few boxes home each day mostly paper ...
Lol.. good thing Teresa is not here to spank me.. NO BUYING on hold for a very long time.
Debbie will have to be my monitor..
I totally appreciate her driving to come see what she can do...
She is just one of the bestest friends I have.. Thank you so much
I hope I get better soon! at least somewhat they call normal.?
So today hopefully I am gonna finish up some much needed laundry ...
Unpack the rest of the clothes box
Kitchen box
that stuff should be done....
Will see I shall report soon.. It's hard to say since i'm on scheduling mode
I wrote this on Friday so i can't report how much we go done... but I'm sure we must have accompolished something who knows.?

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