Sunday, November 02, 2008

Day 2 who hoo So far so good ahhh..

Well it's Sunday and the 2nd day of the Month and two blog posts already.. Only 25 days more till Thanksgiving.. My mama's birthday is the actual day of Thanksgiving..Which mean Tricia birthday is coming soon.
Of course DD is also in there and counting the days.. She acts like the whole month of November is her birthday. It's hard to believe the time that goes by..
I will probably not lose one ounce of weight this month due to pumpkin pie eating.. darn it.. I just can't resist.. Last year for the first time I tried from Village inn a Candy Cane pie sounds gross buy oh yummilicious it is.. Pumpkin pie is my favorite in my younger days my mom would make me my own because I use to love it so much.. She doesn't bake them anymore easier to buy them lol. If I request she does but I haven't done that and since it's her birthday I won't make her do it this year maybe next.
Working today have the house probably 1/2 packed.. I've been trying to go thru and put donations bags, throw away and pack the stuff I will use I know there will still be things I open saying why did I just have to bring this but at least it will be lighter I have already donated at least 1o trash bags and filled up min of 6 of throw aways.. so that' that much less I will be taking with me.. The part that is scarry is my scrap boxes will probably equal the rest of the stuff we have in the house... but not willing to give those up.


Natalie said...

I'm in charge of pie baking for Thanksgiving in our family! I'll make you all the pumpkin pie you want! Anytime, my darling! :)

LIZZEE said...

Oh yummo it's funny hubby and I are not real desserters but during this holiday season..We love a good piece of pie!