Saturday, November 01, 2008

For November a blogging post a day for the whole month NABLOPOMO

Think I can? I'm not so sure.. but I sure am gonna give it a whirl and you can to go here to
nablopomo. Where all you have to do is blog one a day in the month of November this is the first time I'm doing it.. You have no specific theme or anything... I remember a couple gals doing this last year one being Amie and I'm daring Natalie to try it. (& Teresa)
Anyone that wants to join you have to start today..... So all you bloggers , lurkers, readers, friends.? Come one you can still join even if its' not the first day as a personal challenge
I'm suppose to be working right now... So I will work on uploading some pic the pups will be one very soon and I'm hoping to have them a small little birthday photo shoot..I'm sure they will not be liking the party hats to much, I hope they cooperate otherwise I will have to do it without them. I can't beleive that a year will be soon well we didn't inherit them till Jan 25th when maybe I'll celebrate yet again lol. You can never have to many photos that's for sure.
So keep fingers posted and see if I can do this or at least how many days I can try to do it...
I'm packing up my stuff , trying to get ready for year end some filing, cleaning and all kinds of happy stuff lately.....

Good luck to everyone that does this


Natalie said...

Thanks for the challenge Liz! :) I think I can do it. I've had to hold back on posting lately, so I think I might actually get caught up in trying to do this! Thanks Liz! I miss you! I've been feeling uncreative lately and I think it's 'cuz I need you here to crop with me!

SuzanneRenee said...

yikes. I wish I saw this yesterday or I would have joined you. I guess it's not fair to join in and already have missed the first day. I'm starting off a loser! ;-) HEhe....but I could do my own challenge startinng today I suppose....hmmmmmmmm