Monday, November 17, 2008


Today I am hoping that I can sit down and maybe do my card trade it's been since Sept the last time I did anything like this.. I have some pages that need to go in books we only found one that was bent .. Really I think overall I couldn't have been luckier only one jar lid broke and couple bent pieces of paper (which you can still do things with) and one layout that is kinda jumbled. but just that with how fast and everything was done.?
Teresa has to have knee surgery in January but totally will encourage her to do something to like this because there is so many people that need services like that.. My mom lives in Gilbert and someone left a flyer on her door just to help her organize and she feels like a whole new person just from that.
Hopefully I will also get those lonely pages that are uncovered and unprotected in some type of book>?
Well Happy Sunday....
I think we will make a pot of soup this way we have it for a couple days during the week and not so stressful cooking..
Turkey day is around the corner


Amie said...

You are doing SO GREAT with nablopomo!

Natalie said...

Take a day of rest, lady! You totally deserve it! :) Have you made plans for Thanksgiving? A pot of soup is a good idea! I may have to borrow that idea to save myself a few days of cooking too!

SuzanneRenee said...

hey lizzy loo!! Glad to hear you got some rest yesterday! I didn't know about Teresa's surgery.... how sad. :( I guess I need to pop over to her blog!