Friday, November 21, 2008

Day 21 Friday Yippee

Well 21 days into the month and before we know it Thanksgiving and the sales.. Anyone gonna stand in those lines.. I hear there is gonna be some extra super deals. I hope that is the case.. I won't be going in the lines.. If we go we are looking for a t.v. for the bedroom we are not gonna do shopping this year.. We will be scaling back and doing visiting and good cheer.. I am suppose to make Tamales will see how that goes.. I have a request for them for a gift but that gift is several hours in the kitchen I want to learn to make toffee I have to see if I can find the one recipe from a gal that use to make it for me.. I love love Toffee it is my favorite can't resist.. I love the California Brittle from See's oh yummo.... That's my favorite.. I am allergic to Coconut so I can't have anything with that I don't care for Dark Chocolate and Chocolate things to much in general but Toffee Omg I can eat it till I'm sick... LOl
So what are you doing for Black Friday.?


Amie said...

possibly looking for a new DVD player (ours crapped out this month) and maybe a toy or two for the kids, but not much. I hate the crowds!

Natalie said...

I love going to Kohls on Black Friday. The wait is TOTALLY worth it. Other than that, I don't do much shopping. I love to shop online mostly. :) This year, it's gonna be lots of gift cards (everyone wants that the most anyway, right?), so I'll be making gift card holders. Yay! I get to be scrappy! :)