Saturday, November 15, 2008


The Holiday will be here and gone and another year yet started.. The older I get the more time seems to pass me by. I can't beleive that 1/2 of November is already gone. Enjoy your Holidays , good food and cheer. Hopefully things will be somewhat normal by Months end..
I'm hoping to get a card or something done.. To test out the work I for sure have my work cut out for me.. I need to figure out how to use my stuff before I buy anymore.. No more for me.. that is paper , cardstock, flowers, ribbon, brads, buttons, paper... I need only consumables adhesives type things and right now I'm fine on that. If I am getting anything scrappy for xmas it needs to be QK dies, or cricut cartridge or Matts etc.. I do not need any more paper I have no place for any more it's ridculous how much I have. My husband laughed and says we must have had rabbits scrapbooking stuff because it mulitplied from our old place.. Now we have one less bathroom, bedroom hallway , washer dryer space.. So we are mising quite a bit of space..So of course it looks like it multiplied.. lol.

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