Thursday, November 20, 2008

DAY 20 AHhhh

Well another day of Naplablamo 20 days and I haven't missed a day yet... In the midst of moving yada yada...
It's already Thursday and end of the week..TGIF is next... I will get to go to Debbies to make cards finally I have not scrapbooked or anything since Teresa's in September..So I will be having a bit of fun for the weekend..Hopefully getting the stuff done but never enough time..
DH and I are suppose to have a date to see a movie.. Fireproof if we can find it if not... then we will see something comical... fun, goofy.. He is going to see 007 on Friday... He loves the movies..
I'm craving Taco's so we will probably have those sometime this weekend.. Need to get my Thanksgiving shopping done how about you.?


Natalie said...

I've heard Fireproof is good. Let me know what you think about if you can make it. :) You're doing really great with your NABLOPOMO! It's amazing! If anyone has had a reason NOT to take the challenge this month, it's YOU! ;) Way to go Lady! :D

Amie said...

PS I heard that the new James Bond is horrible!! So sad cuz i was looking forward to it! Good luck!